Worlds First Flexible Mobility Platform

Leading the Way: Engineered for adaptability in outdoor & indoor applications for consumer & commercial users.

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Compact, Powerful, Modular

Patent-pending platform made to adapt for every use

max speed
max speed

50 km/h


100-200 km

Payload Capacity
Payload Capacity

250 kg

Max Towing
Max Towing

350 kg

Max Power
Max Power

12000 W



When existing solutions don’t fit your application, the ENVO UPT transforms to your needs

Whether it's expanding the wheelbase for stability in outdoor needs or compacting for urban commutes, the UPT transforms in 1 click.

Emergency Use

Combination of power, quietness, stability, adaptability, compactness, transportability and all-terrain capabilities makes UPT the best mobility choice for emergency and rescue operations.

Commercial Utility

UPT excels in commercial applications, offering a versatile and sustainable solution for a variety of business needs. Its electric power ensures low operational costs and minimal environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Urban Security Microcar

UPT is the eco-friendly customizable mobility choice for patrolling, policing, urban and utility services that can be used in any trains or weather conditions as well as inside the buildings.

Agricultural Transport

UPT is a game-changer for agricultural applications, providing a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to traditional farming equipment. Its electric power source reduces maintenance and operational costs while minimizing environmental impact.

ENVO UPT Features

From a robust cargo deck and extendable capabilities to an adjustable wheelbase and interchangeable modules, the ENVO UPT adapts to various tasks, ensuring optimal performance and maximum utility in any environment.

Cargo Deck

Transport supplies and equipment securely with the durable cargo deck, designed for heavy loads.

Extendable Capability

Adapt your UPT for various tasks with extendable features, enhancing its utility.

Adjustable Wheel Base

Adjust the wheelbase for optimal performance on different terrains and applications.

Interchangeable Sections & Modules

Swap sections and modules to transform your UPT for specific needs, maximizing versatility.

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Future proof your investment

1 unit purchase today ensures you have all your future needs covered.

Modular Design
  1. 1Fully adjustable handlebar in position, angle and offset
  2. 2Dual use foot steps for best comfort
  3. 3Dual use bumpers for extended storage
  4. 4All-in-one integrated headlights, taillights and indicators
  5. 5Adjustable steering for side by side configuration

Built by the ENVO Team with 9 Years of Success.

This is our 3rd iteration, ready for the real-world applications.

We’re been developing the UPT for the past 5 years.

Precision Control of Wheel Motion

Each wheel is individually controlled to provide optimal traction and motion, enabling maneuvers previously unseen on traditional ATVs, such as tank turns, slip control, crawl mode, and more.

Adaptability – One Platform, Multiple Applications

Designed with versatility in mind, the ENVO UPT can be customized for a wide range of applications. This single platform offers the flexibility to adapt to various cargo and utility add-ons, and it can also be transformed into other mobility devices as needed. These modifications can be made either at the factory or by end users.

Compact – Real-world Usability at Its Best

The ENVO UPT delivers real-world usability in a compact and easy-to-transport form. It's ideal for applications that aim to minimize parking or storage space and offers exceptional transportability for both individuals and fleets, all without compromising on performance.

CO2 Real Impact

On a path to eliminate 15,000,000 Kg of CO2 emissions annually.

When just 1% of commercial applications in North America switch to the UPT, this will bring us to our goal to eliminate 1,000,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Technical Breakdown

Every detail is carefully considered

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Technical Breakdown:

Foldable handheld and seat design for efficient storage and transportation

max speed
max speed

50 km/h


100-200 km

Payload Capacity
Payload Capacity

250 kg

Max Towing
Max Towing

350 kg

Max Power
Max Power

12000 W

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Transforming to your needs
Smart Mobility: As Flexible and Customizable as Your Smartphone

With its customizable features, it’s not just a vehicle — it’s a trusted partner for work, play, and even in times of rescue. Experience life with ENVO UPT, where possibilities meet practicality.

Fit 10 UPTs in a helicopter, 4 on a truck bed, each with the capacity of a truck!

Easily store multiple ENVO UPTs in your garage or quickly load them into your vehicle for off-site work. The foldable handlebar and seat make it incredibly compact and portable, saving you valuable space and simplifying transport. Whether you’re working on your property or moving between job sites, the ENVO UPT offers the freedom and flexibility you need without the bulk.


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UPT Prototype Gallery

Technical Specifications (Standard)

            UPT  height=


4x BLDC Controller, 36-72V 200A


Modular 8x 720Wh =5760Wh, UL2271

Ground Clearance:



180 KG

Min. Turning Radius:



All wheels ABS, Regenerative, E-Brake Plus Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Flat Double Wishbone Design, 120mm travel, Adjustable Dual Mode, Dual Mode for Urban and Offroad


Driving modes: Eco, Standars, Performance, Crawl, Cruise, 2×4, 4×4, Reverse, Tank-Turn. Wheels Individually Traction Control, Anti-Slip, ABS

Dimensions (LxVxH):

  • Folded: 1650 x 1000 x 520 mm,

  • Unfolded: 1650 x 1000x 1250mm
  • Expanded: 2250 x 1000 x 1250mm

Wheelbase x Track:

Wheelbase: 1120mm to 1370mm
Track: 850mm or 1135mm


  • How much is 12,000W? How does it compare to other ICE vehicles?

    12,000 Watts (16hp). Electric motors are much more efficient than ICE. This means that a 12kw from an EV results in roughly the same power as a 350-400cc engine. The 12000W is evenly distributed across all four wheels effectively and efficiently, and delivers instantaneous torque.

  • What do you mean by 50 -200km range?

    The UPT range will vary depending on which terrain it is driven on. It also depends on the load it is carrying (how many people and how much cargo). On flat, paved roads, with one user, no additional capacity and lower speed, you can expect ~200 km. On rough off-road terrain, with additional cargo, you can expect closer to 50-75km.

  • Can I plug it in my regular house outlet?

    Yes! Charger is compatible with standard 110V US and 220V EU plugs.

  • How long does it take to charge?

    6 hours on a standard 120V or 220V outlet

  • How much can it tow?

    350kg (770lbs)

  • Is it street legal? (North America, Europe, etc), where can I ride it?

    Yes! The UPT is designed to be compliant with LSV or NEV in North America, ( L6e, L7e in Europe). For off-road use, you can use it according to your local laws.

  • What is an LSV

    LSV stands for "Low-Speed Vehicle." It refers to a small four-wheeled vehicle that is typically used for neighborhood or campus transportation. LSVs are designed to travel at speeds typically between 20 to 25 miles per hour (32 to 40 km/h), making them suitable for short-distance commuting in areas where higher-speed vehicles are not necessary or permitted.

  • Where is the UPT made?

    UPT is made in Canada. Envo designs, manufactures and assembles the UPT in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Do you ship internationally? How much should I expect to pay (Europe, North America, Asia, etc)

    Yes, we ship globally! Shipping will be individually calculated for non-North American destinations. Please reach out to our sales team to get a quote! Refer to Terms and Conditions of orders / shipping page

  • Is it 4WD?

    Yes! UPT has four independently controlled motors, which provide it with advanced traction control and 4WD capability.

  • What kind of terrain can it handle?

    The UPT is capable of taking on a wide range of terrain. from indoor carpet, or granite floors, to paved roads, gravel or dirt roads, sandy beaches, and even rocky off-road trails. Customers will have the choice to modify tires for whatever use case they choose.

  • Is the UPT Fleet Capable?

    Yes! Via a subscription model, you can easily integrate UPT into your pre-existing fleet or create your fleet from scratch. Provides a mobile app, for rental, fleet management and maintenance, applications.

  • How much weight can it carry?

    There is no specific set points for load capacity, however it will be defined by factors such as suspension setup and build configuration. For example in an airport, the load capacity may be capable of carrying 3 times what it could carry in an offroad scenario. The suspension can be tuned to be optimized for different use cases allowing for better performance in different environments.

  • In order to switch from one version of UPT to another, do I need to take it to a shop or can I do it DIY? Do I need special parts or tools?

    Most configurations can be achieved with only a few generic tools, and you don't even need any additional parts. Thanks to the use of common T-slot profiles, many off-the shelf solutions can be fitted to the UPT in a matter of minutes.

  • During preorder we can only commit to essential or standard version. Why can we order kits right away?

    We want to offer our customers with at least the base UPT, which can be built out to the exact configuration you want, however through this pre-order phase, we will use the data collected to determine the order in which we produce different packages / configuration kits

  • Is there a schedule maintenance for this vehicle?

    Not the amount that is required for ICE vehicles (much less), however a maintenance schedule will be provided in the manual.

  • Are the batteries swappable? Can we order extra batteries?

    Yes, there are 8 modules of batteries. There are precautions not to mix and match different states of charge.

  • Age restrictions, driver's license, insurance?

    Depends on your local laws and where you will be using this vehicle. A safe riding manual will be provided by Envo.

  • Do you offer service, repairs, support?

    We can provide spare parts and instructions for installation/repairs. If we have a dealer near you, you can also have it serviced.

  • Can I store it outside? Is it weatherproof?

    The lower chassis compartment is designed to be IP67 as long as it is maintained properly. This means it can cross shallow waters, dirt, dust and snow. It can also operate in rain and snow, but just like any other vehicle, requires regular maintenance and care. We recommend storing the UPT in a garage, above 0 Celcius to prolong the battery life.

  • What is it made of? Is it rust proof?

    It is made mainly from Aluminum alloys which are corrosion resistant, long lasting and rust-proof.